Paul Clarke profilePaul Clarke – Public Health Specialist, Kent County Council

Paul Clarke is a Public Health Specialist with a focus on the Wider Determinants of Health within the Kent Public Health team. Paul has worked in various Public Health roles within Maidstone Borough Council for a number of years. Working within a District Council has enabled him to work alongside various departments including planning has developed and honed his understanding of the importance of the built and natural environment for good human health.

Paul Clarke Kent PH Presentation (PDF, 711 KB)

Claire profile pictureClaire Pamberi – Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Manager, Kent County Council

Claire Pamberi is the Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Manager at Kent County Council and the current Chair of the Kent Planning Policy Forum. Claire is a Chartered Town Planner who has worked in various Planning Policy and Development Management roles across Kent. Claire’s current role is promoting the work of Kent County Council through Strategic Planning projects and Local Plans across the County. Claire is committed to promoting Healthy Placemaking through her work.

Claire Pamberi – KCC Planning Presentation (PDF, 484 KB)

Gemma Hyde ProfileGemma Hyde – Project and Policy Officer, Healthier Places
Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA)

Gemma Hyde is the Project and Policy Officer for Healthier Places at the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA). Gemma supports local authorities in all aspects of healthier place-making including the promotion and implementation of 20-minute neighbourhoods, embedding health and wellbeing into development plans, supporting specific initiatives such as school streets and providing training and workshops for officers and elected members on reuniting health with planning. Prior to joining the TCPA, Gemma worked in various planning and public health roles with a number of local authorities and third sector organisations including Milton Keynes Council and the National Childbirth Trust.

TCPA Gemma Hyde Presentation (PDF, 2 MB)

Nick Evans – Head of Planning, Sport England

Nick Evans is Head of Planning and Active Environments at Sport England with overall responsibility for Sport England statutory role on the protection of playing fields and ensuring the land use planning system helps deliver sport and physical activity into everyday life. He is currently leading on the delivery of Active Environments – creating the spaces and places for us to be physically active in our everyday lives, which forms part of Sport England’s published strategy Uniting the Movement. He has a particular interest in Smart Cities and is passionate about data and how this can be used more effectively in planning and has led on a number of data related projects at Sport England including Active Places, and the initial development of the OpenActive programme with the Open Data Institute.

Nick Evans Sport England Kent Presentation (PDF, 4 MB)

Simon Harrison – Head of Design, Ebbsfleet Development Corporation

Simon leads the Design and Sustainability team at Ebbsfleet, advising on best practice and developing guidance, tools, policy and strategy to enable exemplary master planning, architecture and landscape design.

Simon Harrison Ebbsfleet Presentation (PDF, 2 MB)

Owen Reading – Associate Urban Designer, David Lock Associates (DLA)

Owen is an Associate Urban Designer at DLA who co-authored Active Design 2023, with experience across a wide range of contexts. He has led a wide range of engaging workshops that bring together planning, design and policy development, including as part of the current rollout of Active Design and additional work with Active Together in Leicestershire.

Owen Reading_David Locke Presentation (PDF, 3 MB)