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Liz davidson

Liz Davidson

Active Partnership Director

profile photo of Andrea Murphy

Andrea Murphy

Active Partnership Manager (Connecting Communities Lead)

  • Tel: 03000 414454
  • Email:
  • Part time - usual working days are Tuesdays - Fridays from 8:30am to 2:30pm.
    "In my spare time I love socialising through netball, relaxing on a dog walk and supporting my children to be active."

Ashleigh Profile picture

Ashleigh Bushnell

Administration Support Officer (Children and Young People Projects)

  • Tel: 03000 411615
  • Email:
  • Part time - usual working days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
    "In my spare time I play as much competitive Netball as possible. I love a spin class and I'm currently training for the 2024 London Marathon."

profile photo of Bianca Logronio

Bianca Logronio

Safeguarding and Inclusion Officer

  • Tel: 03000 412140
  • Email:
  • Part time - usual working days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
    "Besides supporting my children's various activities, I love a high energy exercise class like Zumba or Combat. The music makes it feel like a party!"

Carly Miles profile image

Carly Miles

Community Development Officer (Sport and Physical Activity)

Charlie Sharp profile image

Charlie Sharp

Assistant Project Officer (Children and Young People)

Dan Bromley profile pic

Daniel Bromley

Children and Young People Development Officer

profile photo of Elise Rendall

Elise Rendall

Physical Activity Manager (Health and Wellbeing Lead)

Jimmy profile picture

Jimmy McCormack

Sport Welfare Officer

profile photo of Karen Bird

Karen Bird

Business Support Officer

  • Tel: 03000 411831
  • Email:
  • "I like to keep active and in touch with nature by gardening and growing lovely fresh fruit and vegetables on my allotment."

Photograph of Karely Hubbard

Karley Hubbard

Insight, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

profile photo of Louise Milne

Louise Milne

Active Partnership Manager (Children and Young People Lead)

Lucy Rout

Lucy Rout

Business Support Officer

  • Tel: 03000 414734
  • Email:
  • "I love walking my dog in the beautiful Kent countryside; visiting places I've never been before and making memories with my family."

Lucy Tomlinson profile photo

Lucy Tomlinson

Marketing and Campaigns Officer

  • Tel: 03000 412384
  • Email:
  • "Swimming or running both help me switch off and enjoy some 'me-time'. I love the feeling of being in water, whilst running gives me the freedom to explore."

Michelle Bird profile pic

Michelle Bird

Health and Wellbeing Officer

  • Tel: 03000 417422
  • Email:
  • Part time - working days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
    "I love to keep active by walking, hiking or cycling in the countryside or by the coast, just taking in the beauty of nature and catching up with friends."

profile photo of Natalie Harris

Natalie Harris

Events and Programmes Manager

  • Tel: 03000 412044
  • Email:
  • Part time - Monday to Friday
    "Running, netball and golf are my go-to activities, preferably when the sun is shining! parkrun has been a game changer, keeping me motivated every week."

photo of Sophie Ward

Sophie Ward

Funding and Partnerships Manager (Active Environments and Supporting Sport Lead)

Stuart butler profile pic

Stuart Butler

Sport Welfare Officer

Profile picture of Yasmin

Yasmin Hosken

Everyday Active Officer

  • Tel: 03000 417009
  • Email:
  • Part time - usual working days are Monday - Thursday from 10:00am - 3:30pm
    "I enjoy a long morning walk to start my day, and exploring the great outdoors with my young family at the weekends."