‘Children should aim for at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day and 20 minutes per day for disabled children’.

UK Chief Medical Officer

The Everyday Active Schools Programme

Everyday active schools logoEveryday Active Schools is designed to increase children’s physical activity levels by taking a whole school approach to embedding physical activity across the school day, focusing on seven areas of opportunity:

  • Curricular lessons
  • Events/Visits
  • Breaks/Lunchtime
  • PE lessons
  • School Clubs
  • Active Travel
  • Family/Community

The FREE Everyday Active Schools programme involves an initial on-boarding workshop for all staff, leading to a bespoke action plan to work towards, whilst receiving ongoing support, resources and progress meetings.

‘55% of children and young people in Kent and Medway are not active enough.’

Sport England CYP Active Lives Survey 22-23

Benefits of Everyday Active Schools

By applying a whole school approach to physical activity, evidence has shown that schools will benefit from:

  • an improvement in attendance
  • a reduction in cases of bullying
  • an increase in attainment levels

Being more physically active at any age builds confidence and social skills; develops balance and coordination; strengthens muscles and bones; improves sleep and mood; improves health and fitness; maintains a healthy weight; improves concentration and learning; provides a sense of achievement.

Book your Everyday Active Schools Workshop

Register your interest in the Everyday Active Schools programme and book your whole staff training workshop before October 2024 half term, to receive a years Teach Active licence completely FREE. 

Follow this link to register your interest in Everyday Active Schools

If you have any questions about the Everyday Active Schools programme, please email Charlie Sharp at charlie.sharp@kent.gov.uk.

Charlie Sharp profile image

Charlie Sharp

Assistant Project Officer (Children and Young People)

Louise Milne profile picture

Louise Milne

Active Partnership Manager (Children and Young People Lead)

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