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Kent Sport has awarded funding to five projects across Kent and Medway targeting people with a disability. These projects received a total of £23,880, with a project funding average of £4,776.

Activity types included:

  • virtual qigong
  • virtual pilates and yoga
  • virtual dance
  • wheelability
  • British Sign Language yoga

We have learnt more about the needs and interests of our service users in relation to physical activity. We have expanded our networks and hope to collaborate with other providers in this field.

Kent Association for the Blind


  • Reduced social isolation
  • Engagement in new sports
  • Workforce development
  • Local partner engagement
  • Increased mobility
  • Forming of new connections and relationships
  • Increased participation from new and existing users
  • Positive impact on social, physical and mental health

We have been incredibly grateful to receive this funding. It has made a significant impact on the people that engage in our sessions, especially those in financial hardship or at risk of social isolation.

Tom Tsangarides, Inclusive Sport

Key learnings

  1. Be flexible in your offer. With the changing government guidance, be prepared to adapt your offer to suit the current guidelines and your participants needs. Continually consult with participants to find out if and where they need support.
  2. Create a safe environment. Safe and familiar environments that are accessible to all will make participants feel safe and accepted. Why not create a video of the venue for participants to ease anxieties.
  3. Recruit staff that are relatable. Participants may need extra support to increase their confidence to attend sessions, especially at the start. Recruit staff who can identify and empathise with your participants.
  4. Build in social elements. Create opportunities for participants to socialise and reconnect within the sessions. This could be the start of a support network of like-minded people.

Many families have said that the activity packs came at the right time during lockdown. Families have now established a physical exercise routine that they maintain and continue to moderate their behaviours with the sensory circuits.

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders South East