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Children and Young People with a Disability

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Space 2 Be Me is a parent led charity set up in 2011 to support families across Maidstone with children with disabilities access local advice and support. The charity works across West Kent with children and young people from birth to 25 years and their families.


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Dance Stars was an established weekly club for children with mixed additional needs delivered by Space 2 Be Me staff. The club allows children to express themselves in a safe, supportive environment where their individuality, needs and creativity are embraced. Due to Covid-19, Space 2Be Me had to adapt their delivery. A private Facebook group was set up so families could access online resources and allow dance classes to be live streamed to children, young people and their families.

Our Dance Stars have really enjoyed us starting live classes, they are a lively chatty bunch who make requests and join in with routines.

Space 2 Be Me


  • Development of new friendships and nurturing of existing relationships
  • Children have been able to express themselves and connect with peers during challenging times
  • Encouraged children to get active and step away from their TV and iPads
  • Development of a WhatsApp group for parents to continue to chat to one another whilst face to face activities were not possible

So glad I joined your Dance Class…. a bonus meeting all the amazing mums here too.


Top Tips

Embrace the new environment – Switching to virtual delivery comes with its challenges, continue to review, adapt and consult with the young people and their family.

Stick to a routine – Set up weekly sessions that are held on the same time and day each week. This enables families to schedule into their lives and ensure a routine for the young people.

Next Steps

Girl dancing in room

Many children and young people who attend Space 2 Be Me attend specialist education settings. These settings rarely offer wrap around care so accessible after school clubs are not common. Dance Stars hopes to continue to offer wheelchair activity so children and young people can access activities they might not otherwise be able to. Surveys will be used to continue to seek ways Space 2 Be Me can help and support young people and their families.