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Bespoke exercise programme

Project Overview

Disability Assist for Independent Living is a charity in Kent which helps disabled people live more independent lives. Disability assist logoRun by disabled people, the charity understands the challenges disabled people face and offer bespoke support to find the best approach to suit the individual.

The Let’s Get Moving Again project was designed to encourage and motivate disabled people and people with long term health conditions to get active. After initial assessments and conversations between participants and the personal trainer from Vitality Hub, bespoke exercise programmes were created to suit the individuals.

To encourage and motivate, participants were partnered up with people with a similar condition. This provided support, created new friendships, and reduced loneliness and isolation.

Sue’s Story

Sue* has been living with multiple sclerosis for nearly 20 years. Before the pandemic, Sue was living an active life, swimming a couple of times and week, horse riding with the RDA and working full time. The pandemic meant that these activities had to stop. Due to anxiety and concerns about Covid-19, Sue did not feel confident to return to her previous activities.

Sue sat in a chair stretching her arms“I can see and feel myself deteriorating. Everything is getting harder; I’m needing to rely more on my husband. Lack of exercise scares me. The difference in a relatively short space of time is incredible and I feel helpless to tackle this.”

Sue chose to take part in the Let’s Get Moving Again Project as she wanted something to help her take back control and recover the mobility that she had lost. A bespoke programme was designed to support Sue’s needs and with personal trainer check in’s and encouragement from others, Sue now feels like she has support and direction.

Sue has enjoyed moving again and feeling like she’s taking steps to making a difference.  She is looking forward to getting back in the pool and horse riding again.

“It is great to have an exercise programme tailored to me, using things that I have at home so that I can really do it. It gives me some hope for the future.”

*Name has been changed to protect privacy.