Sport England Adult Active Lives Survey Report 2023Covering the period November 2022 to November 2023, Sport England’s Active Lives Adult survey shows that 63.4% of adults in England achieved the recommended 150+ minutes of physical activity a week. This means that two million more adults are being active on a regular basis since the survey started in 2016. In Kent and Medway, 63% of adults are achieving this recommendation, meaning 66,800 adults are now more active since 2016.

The activities people are engaging in is changing over time. Nationally, active travel and fitness which were significantly impacted by the pandemic are continuing to recover. Swimming is now back in line with pre-pandemic levels and the number of people playing team sports continues to increase and is the highest it’s been for six years. Whilst the older a person gets their activity levels decline, levels are growing among older adults. lady in an exercise class in a community hallThose aged 55+ are at the highest they’ve ever been and those aged 75+ are driving this upward trend.

However, nationally 36.6% of adults are not active enough. Locally, that figure is 37% and inequalities still remain. Women, those from lower socio-economic groups, people with a disability or long-term health condition and Black and Asian people are still less likely to be active. Whilst positive attitudes towards being active are back to pre-pandemic levels, women, people with a disability and the least affluent are more likely to have negative attitudes towards being active.

To address these inequalities, Active Kent & Medway has been and continues to work with organisations working with under-represented groups. Through the Together Fund, we have supported 66 projects and engaged over 6,352 participants. Our Together Fund Report highlights the successes, impact and learnings from the fund. The following films capture some of the great work that’s going on across the county to engage under-represented groups and communities in sport and physical activity.

Our Everyday Active Campaign aims to support people to become more active, more often. The website is central to the campaign providing information on low cost, inclusive and accessible activities and opportunities, offering advice and personal stories to help people get started. The campaign is promoted through social media, along with support from our Everyday Active Champions. For anyone wanting to improve their knowledge and feel more confident about having conversations with others to help get them more active, training and resources are also available.

Move Together, Kent and Medway’s strategy for sport and physical activity sets out how we can all work together to support those who are already active, as well as tackling the inequalities that currently prevent some from enjoying the benefits that moving more in our everyday lives can bring to our physical and mental wellbeing. 80 partners have already pledged their support to the strategy and we continue to encourage others to do the same. United together, we move together.

Clair Bell, Cabinet Member for Community and Regulatory Services at Kent County Council commented:

“Improving people’s lives through sport and physical activity can only be achieved through collaboration and partnership working. The Move Together strategy sets out how we can all work together so everyone, whatever their age, gender, background, ability, or circumstance can enjoy the benefits of being active and playing sport”.

Liz Davidson, Active Partnership Director said,

Whilst we are delighted to see long-term growth in adult activity levels across the county, we recognise that there is still lots to be done to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of being physically active.   

Collaboration and partnership working is key to this and ensuring that local organisations and community groups are supported in their work to help those most in need and least active to access sport and other activities. Creating the opportunities and conditions for more people to be more active more often. “ 

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