FANS members in full-time education can apply for a small grant to help them with the costs associated with training and competing at a National and International level. Read below how some FANS members have used the grant to support their training and competing.


Danny profile pictureDanny Monforte – BMX

“The small grant funding went towards a new larger BMX frame that was desperately needed as I had outgrown my previous one.  Competing with the new equipment has been a game changer for me, and really accelerated my achievements and competition results.  I placed 3rd in round 6 of the British Cycling BMX National Series and gained the top spot in my age category at the 2023 South Region BMX Championships.

My sport can be extremely expensive at times, especially when having to travel around the country to compete, so this grant award has taken the pressure off and allowed me to really enjoy taking part in the competitions”.


Eddie profile pictureEddie Rowney – Hockey

“I used my funding award to purchase a new OBO carbon goalkeepers helmet to replace mine that was badly damaged in an U18’s England training match.  This had a positive impact on my sport participation as it helped me get back to playing as soon as possible.  Having the new helmet meant I was able to play in a match for England u18 vs Wales u18 and we won the series!

The elite specific equipment I use can be very expensive and I often have to save up to replace certain kit, so any financial support is hugely appreciated”.


Evie profile pictureEvie Huggett – Baton Twirling

“The funding went towards my entry fees for the National Championships which were held in Crawley in 2023.  Without the funding I wouldn’t have been able to take part in one of the BBTSAs biggest competitions of the year.  I competed in five events and attained three National titles, as well as a 3rd place and a 4th place, which I am so proud of and I look forward to entering many more competitions.

Added costs such as travel and accommodation are ongoing throughout the year so being awarded this grant has meant there is one less thing to pay for.”


Heidi profile picutreHeidi Fenwick – Artistic Swimming

“This grant award went towards a series of training camps offering multiple days of intense practice on land and in the water.  These extra training sessions helped me qualify for the National Age Group Competitions which I competed in at Gloucester in March 2023.

I am currently working towards the inter-regional competition and I will also shortly represent the Southeast Region in both the land routine and in the figures competition.  I will then be setting my sights on entering the trials for the GB Youth team in the autumn”.


Jodie profile pictureJodie Gillman – Gymnastics

“The funding has enabled me to go to an International training camp in Denmark which allowed me to concentrate on developing my skills and prepared me for future International competitions and events.  I definitely would not have been able to attend the camp without the help from the small grant fund.

The money also gave me the opportunity to compete for my new team in our competition kit at the Southern Qualifiers where we placed 3rd.  My success at this event meant that I also qualified for the British Championships in third place in late July 2023”.


Victor Profile pictureVictor Redman – Athletics

“The generous grant was used towards some much needed new running spikes.  Purchasing the spikes certainly helped me to reach my goals this year.  Competing in the U15 boys, 100m and 200m at Norman Park, Bromley; I won gold in both events, not only achieving new PB’s but also beating the Championship records in both finals too.  The record for the 200m was set 19 years ago, and I smashed it by 0.36s!

Now ranked number 2 in the UK for the 100m and ranked 4th for the 200m within my age group, I am competing at a National level in competitions all over the country.  The travel and accommodation costs can sometimes be a barrier to me competing so grants and funding like this are vital for my progression in the sport”.