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People with a Long Term Health Condition

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Yoga and Pilates


Established in 1984 by a group of local people, all diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) who recognised a need for a MS support service in East Kent. The Kent MS Therapy Centre provides a range of therapies and support services for all those affected by MS.

MS is a progressive neurological condition for which there is no cure. MS can affect a persons’ mobility and physical functions. However regular activity has been proven to help with symptoms such as chronic fatigue, muscle spasticity, pain and poor balance.


Woman sitting on a chair in front of a laptop on a table and stretching her arm above her head.

The MS Click and Connect project is a live online and interactive course for people with MS. The project supports yoga instructors and neuro physiotherapists to deliver online yoga and Pilates sessions to MS member via zoom.


  • Participants felt connected and cared for during a challenging time
  • Professionals were able to assess members motor functions and spot signs of decline
  • Management of participants conditions through regular activity
  • Reduced feelings of isolation

I’ve really enjoyed the Pilates sessions. I feel much more ‘in touch’ with exactly which muscles/joints should be working in each exercise. It was explained so eloquently, increasing my own body awareness and providing me with clear instructions in my head so I can repeat the exercises myself between sessions.


Top Tips

Lady using chair to support pilates

Understand Technology – Like many, virtual delivery was new to the organisation and participants. Offer support to participants and staff to increase their knowledge and understanding.

Cater for all – Not all participants started with the first session, this meant there was a varying degree of ability. The centre set up a beginners yoga class to cater for those just starting their journey.

Next Steps

Following the success of the MS Click and Connect project the centre are continuing to offer online and face to face sessions. Brochures have been created with a timetable and therapist biographies to help raise awareness of the project. The centres local hospital is also sharing the project with their patients.

Thank you so much for giving the Kent MS Therapy Centre the opportunity to continue to support our very vulnerable client group during what has been an incredibly difficult time for the Centre and our members.

Kent MS Therapy centre