Formal and Informal Training can help build on your leadership and coaching skills, to be the best you can be it’s a good idea to keep learning whenever you can.

You can learn more about things like Safeguarding, Inclusive Activities and First Aid through formal courses and workshops or you can learn informally from others via social media, YouTube and networking sites.

Formal Training

These courses can be both face to face and virtual, some are live with a tutor and others are e-learning that you work through yourself. There are lots of topics to choose from. Here is a selection to help get you started:

Informal Training

It doesn’t have to be all courses and qualifications. There are other great ways to develop your knowledge and ideas. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

  • Use social media (Instagram/Twitter)
  • Read articles and coaching blogs
  • Access webinars/zoom events
  • Watch relevant videos
  • Speak to other coaches/leaders
  • Listen to coaching podcasts
  • Seek out a mentor to support you
  • Join networking groups