Gaining experience in different settings is a great way to develop your confidence, coaching skills and much more. There are a range of volunteer and paid opportunities available to lead and/or coach in Kent & Medway within school settings, sports clubs, organisations and within community programmes. You might even make connections for future employment.

School Settings

  • Supporting delivery in your own school. Ask your PE teacher if you can help at a lunchtime or afterschool club.
  • Is your school linked to local primary schools? Think about how you can volunteer with their activities outside of school time.

Sports Clubs & Organisations

  • Are you a member of a local club or sports organisation? Is there a younger age group you could support?
  • If you aren’t a member of a local club but have an interest, just get in touch to see if we can connect you to one.

Visit the Sports Club Directory to get involved

Community Programmes

  • There are lots of different community programmes that run in the evenings, at weekend and during holiday times.
  • You can support the delivery of sport specific or multi-sport programmes with people from lots of different backgrounds.

Please note, Active Kent & Medway are working with clubs and organisations to increase the number of volunteering opportunities appearing on the link below. It might take us a while so please do visit us again if you don’t find anything straight away. 

Visit Volunteering Opportunities and get involved


""Top Tips for contacting an organisation:

It can be quite nerve wracking to contact an organisation you don’t know. We have provided some information to help you. Remember, the organisation is responsible for providing a great experience for you!

When getting in touch:

  • Use a named contact if you can – use the name of the contact at the organisation when emailing or calling.
  • How to introduce yourself – Tell them who you are and a bit about yourself, why would you like to coach/lead in their organisation. What skills you already have, great at helping my younger sibling, already support school activities. Try not to write in text speak, use full words in your email or text.
  • Ask questions about the organisation before you start – Who will I be working with? Where will I be? How do I get there? What do I need to wear/bring? Who do I contact if I’m unsure of anything?

When you’re leading/coaching with the organisation, do you…

  • Feel welcome straight away
  • Know your role and responsibilities
  • Get encouraged to ask questions of the other coaches
  • Receive regular communication from the organisation
  • Feel supported to develop your skills
  • Feel informed about future opportunities

If this isn’t happening, please do tell an adult you trust or contact Active Kent & Medway, via email at or call 03000 414734.