Sport and physical activity leadership is a great way to learn skills such as communication, organisation, motivation, confidence and self-belief. Developing these skills is useful for coaching as well as future careers. The following courses and qualifications will help you develop your leadership skills.

General Leadership (from 11+ years)

Sports Leaders UK deliver a range of different qualifications. These courses are usually delivered by schools, youth groups or community organisations.

Usually completed over a number of weeks, the course and qualifications include:

  • Activity Volunteer Award
  • Level 1 – Activator
  • Level 2 – Community Sports Leadership
  • Level 3 – Sports Leadership

Sport Specific Leadership (from 14 years)

Sports Leadership courses are usually one day or shorter courses delivered by National Governing Bodies of Sports and other organisations who work with Sports.

The training courses might be called Leader, Activator, Champion or even Host. It can depend on the sport.

Apprenticeships (usually 16+ years)

Apprenticeships are where you would be employed and trained on the job.

Apprenticeships in Sport range from Coaching and Personal Training to Leisure Centre management and community roles.