What do I need to learn/do to be a good coach?

Below are some top tips that Young People tell us are important to see from a coach:

  • Get to know the children you coach. It makes planning the session easier and more fun.
  • Have fun! Give the children no option but to come back. Show enthusiasm at all times.
  • Make your instructions clear and precise. Keep it simple. Make sure they understand.
  • Get the children to share ideas. Get the children talking.
  • Respect young people in sport and how they want to play.
  • Have perseverance. Always have new ideas. Use your imagination.
  • Be open minded. Don’t think you’re always right.

How do I adapt to certain people and communities and engage people without forcing them to get involved?

It is important that coaches try to get to know every person they interact with and to notice and understand what drives them to want to come back week after week. This will help you as a coach to respond appropriately to the needs of all your participants and give them the best possible support.

  • Adopt a person-centred approach.
  • Develop your ‘soft skills’ is fundamental to becoming a more inclusive coach.

Know your audience to equip you with the tools needed to be able to manage a range of abilities and personalities (from the quiet ones to those that are louder or more confident) and a range of motivations and backgrounds (from people who have been physically active for years to those who are new to your sport or activity).