In the week of its flagship Everyday Active conference and Primary PE Conference, Kent Sport is changing its name and branding to Active Kent and Medway to reflect a change in its strategy and objectives.

Under the name Kent Sport, the organisation traditionally worked with the sport and leisure sector across the county, supporting sports clubs, local authorities, leisure trusts, coaches and volunteers to deliver sport and physical activity to the residents of Kent and Medway. However, as national priorities and strategies have shifted towards the promotion of sport and physical activity for its benefits to health and wellbeing, Kent Sport’s remit has also changed. Since 2017’s launch of the countywide strategy ‘Towards an Active County’, the team has focused more on partnering with the health and community sectors, to help people from traditionally under-represented groups to become more active.

The new brand under the name Active Kent and Medway, enables the organisation to reach a wider audience with messages relating to the benefits of being active and moving more in your everyday life. It is hoped that the brand’s approachable, inclusive tone will engage more people who are naturally reticent about being more active, and address inequalities across the county, both in activity participation and other measures.

Liz Davidson Partnership Director for Active Kent and Medway stated, “We are delighted to be relaunching Kent Sport as Active Kent and Medway in what is an exciting week for us, with our two flagship conferences. Our vision remains to encourage more people from across the county to be more active, more often and to deliver this we know that as well as working with our existing partners, we must develop new relationships to enable us to reach further into our communities. We would like to invite organisations and individuals that share our interest in tackling inequalities and addressing inactivity to get in touch with the team.

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