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    As thoughts turn to the challenges and opportunities associated with returning to some form of physical activity and sport offer, safeguarding participants must be at the forefront of any plans. Restrictions in place due to the Coronavirus pandemic has had, and continues to have, serious effects on the mental health and welfare of individuals.

    As well as the health and safety, practicalities and logistics of your ‘new offer’, the wellbeing of everyone involved should be carefully considered, including how ready people are, physically and emotionally. This checklist will help you to think through what the potential risks might be, what you already have in place that will help you, your staff, volunteers and members, and what additional safeguards you might need to build in.

    This form is designed to help you to keep revising and improving your provision, based on observations, feedback, latest guidance, examples of good practice that we will endeavour to share, and resources available on our website.

    We recognise that not all changes will be immediately successful, and encourage you to be ready to adapt and respond. Government guidance and the needs of participants will change over time; examples of best practice and new areas of risk will emerge. We ask you to continue to review your delivery on a regular basis, and address any gaps over time. Use the ‘actions’ sections on this sheet to record your decision making, and please communicate any changes that you make. Finally, always remember the basic of safeguarding:

    1. Recognise
    2. Report
    3. Record

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