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Project overview:

Guru Nanak Sports ClubGuru Nanak Basketball Club Logo is a community driven sports club that provides a safe and inclusive space for everyone to enjoy sports, regardless of their age, gender or ability. The club offers a variety of sports including basketball, football, yoga and fitness.  

After having conversations with the Kent County Council Community Hub based at Northfleet the basketball club heard that there was a lack of basketball provision for young people from Culturally Diverse Communities. Funding was used to buy basketball equipment and subsidise costs to support a 10-week project engaging young people from culturally diverse and low-income families to have a go at basketball. 

Organisational Impact: 

  • Helped upskill people in the organisation 
  • Helped attract new participants 
  • Help offer new opportunities for people to be active 
  • New partnerships with the local council and schools

Community Impact 

  • New opportunities for young people to try and be active 
  • Taught transferable skills such as team work, leadership, discipline and resilience 
  • Increased social interaction and community bonding 
  • Installed a sense of pride and community belonging

“The funding has opened opportunities for us to form partnerships and collaborations with other organisations, schools, and businesses in the community. These partnerships have allowed us to leverage additional resources, access new funding streams, and expand the reach and sustainability of our basketball programs.”

Guru Nanak Basketball Club

Key Learnings:

People playing basketballYouth Engagement: Through delivering basketball sessions to youths, the club has learnt valuable strategies for engaging and retaining young participants. We have discovered what motivates youths to participate in sports, how to create inclusive and welcoming environments, and how to address barriers to participation. 

Community Outreach and Partnership building: Implementing basketball sessions for youths has allowed the club to engage with the local community and build partnerships with schools, community centres, and other organisations. 

Skill development and Progression: The club has gained insights into effective methods for skill development and progression in basketball. We have learnt how to design drills and exercises that cater to different skill levels and ages, monitor participants’ progress over time, and provide constructive feedback for improvement.

“It has brought in people from diverse backgrounds together, fostering a sense of belonging, mutual respect, and camaraderie among participants and spectators alike.”

Guru Nanak Basketball Club


Financial Planning: The club have developed a budget that accounts for both short-term expenses covered by the grant and long-term operational costs. They have identified potential sources of revenue beyond the grant period, such as participant fees and donations.  

Community Engagement: The club have engaged with the community in the basketball project to foster ongoing support and participation. Involving participants, parents, volunteers, and stakeholders in decision-making processes, program planning, and fundraising efforts. They’ve built relationships with local schools, community centres, sports clubs, and organisations to expand the reach of the project and leverage additional resources. 

Volunteer Development: They’ve developed a strong base of volunteers who are committed to the sustainability of the basketball project. The club will continue to provide training, mentorship, and recognition to volunteers to enhance their skills, motivation, and retention. They’ll look to empower volunteers to take on leadership roles, contribute their expertise, and share responsibility for program delivery and management.