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Artistic Swimming

Organisation: Medway Artistic Swimming Club aims to promote health and fitness through artistic swimming. The club has a fun and friendly atmosphere where athletes can develop to their full potential at their own pace. Members can train to achieve grade level awards, take part in competitions or just enjoy taking part.

Project Overview: Every year the club hosts an event where swimmers can showcase their newly learnt skills and achievements to their friends, family and local community. Due to COVID-19 only close relatives were invited to the event so the club used the funding to hire a videographer to film the event and produce a video for the club to promote and encourage more members. The video can be found here.


Artistic Swimming

  • Increased love for the sport
  • Raised the club’s profile
  • Increased engagement from members

Key Learnings: The project has highlighted the need for a volunteer who is responsible for the club’s social media, this will help highlight the great work the clubs does and increase membership.

Next Steps: The video will continue to be used in the future to drive engagement. Those interested will receive information about membership and club offers.