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Culturally Diverse

Organisation: Youth Ngage aims to bridge the gap between youth and society. Created to provide positive engagements, the group organise talent development activities, empowerment programmes, crime prevention and community engagement events.

Project Overview: The Youth Connect Champions project aims to support youth leaders to organise activities for young people in the most deprived areas in Gravesham. The champions took part in training around mental health, resilience, confidence and safeguarding in order to deliver both face to face and online sessions.

Group of people

Impact: The champions organised events at Riverside Community Centre, Shears Green Community Centre and Woodlands Park, engaging over 140 young people from the local community in a range of different sports and activities. In addition to these events, they hosted online sessions including games, quizzes and debates. Many of the young people who attended these events joined the local youth centre increasing their membership and reach.

Next Steps: Due to many young being interested in the champions project the group hopes to run similar events and projects throughout the year. However, this requires funding so the group will be looking at ways to fund this.