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Dartford, Tunbridge Wells and Ashford

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Children and Young People

Kent Panthers basketball logoOrganisation:  Established in 2019, Kent Panthers Basketball Club is an elite basketball and community driven club which provides a pathway for boys and girls starting at U4’s all the way through to Senior and Vets teams. 

Project Overview: Due to high demand Kent Panthers wanted to set up new U10’s and U12’s development sessions in Dartford, Tunbridge Wells and Ashford, areas they’ve not previously reached. The sessions offer a fun and inclusive environment whilst providing progression for young people. The funding provided equipment such as balls and bibs to launch the sessions and encourage the local community to take part.  


  • Reached new areas in the county 
  • New basketball pathway developed 
  • Increase club membership 
  • Recognition in the local community 
  • Awarded Charity status for their community work 

“These sessions have been well engaged and hugely successful, slowly creating a seamless pathway for children and young people to engage in physical activity in a fun and inclusive environment, whilst providing a clear progression route to our NBL teams.”

young people playing basketball in a sportshallKey Learnings:

1. Make sure you have the right workforce. Recruit and deploy staff who have the skills, knowledge and qualifications to work with your target audience.   

2. Understand project costs and forecast expenses. Understand the costs involved in setting projects up and build these into future projects.  

3. Charge participants for sustainability. To ensure the project continues charge participants a nominal fee to attend sessions. 

Next Steps: Kent Panthers will continue to run their community sessions and will look to expand to new areas of the county where the activity is needed.  

If you’d like to give basketball a go, then please visit Kent Panthers Basketball Class Schedule or email Kent Panthers at info@kentpanthers.com