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Culturally Diverse Communities

Inclusive sport logo and KRAN logoOrganisation: Inclusive Sport aims to ensure that all people are able to engage in physical activity regardless of their background, ability or needs. Working in East Kent, Inclusive Sport works with schools, charities, care homes and community groups to deliver inclusive physical activity and wellbeing sessions.

Kent Refugee Action Network (KRAN) work with separated young refugees and asylum seekers aged 16-24 years who arrive in Kent alone, claiming asylum. KRAN provides them with a safe, positive space and supports them with education, employment mentoring and community volunteering.

Project Overview: Working together Inclusive Sport and KRAN ran a number of multisport activity sessions for young refugees arriving in Kent. Sessions were delivered by Inclusive Sport but guided by the voices of young people. The funding covered venue and coaching costs.


  • Opportunities to be active
  • Understanding of different cultures
  • Partnership working
  • Mixing of communities

“We have worked with a group of the community that we haven’t provided sessions with before. This has given us good experience and built a good connection for potential sessions in the future”. Inclusive Sport

Key Learnings:

two people in a sports hall1. Participant voice is crucial. Find out what activity the participants want to try. Different countries and cultures play different sports so be prepared to be flexible and adapt your offer.

2. Good partnership relationships. Open communication and a good working relationship with your partner organisation allows you to share ideas and overcome challenges together.

3. Venue plays a big role. Find a venue that is accessible for your target audience. Provide them with a safe space where they can feel comfortable and be active.

Next Steps:

There is a desire from young people to continue with the multisport sessions. KRAN are exploring venues that are easily accessible and looking at ways they can keep the sessions running.