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Keeping children active during lockdown

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Situated between Dartford and Swanley, Horton Kirby Primary School provides a welcoming, inclusive environment. During the COVID-19 pandemic the PE department has ensured children have had plenty of opportunities to stay active both at home and at school.

Staying Active at home

To get them up and active, all children start the day with motivational music and a workout. Keeping to the school timetable children participate in both indoor and outdoor sessions of their choice on a Monday and Wednesday. Activities include walking, cycling, trampolining, climbing, and skills and drills. Pupils have taken part in the 2.6 challenge which saw increased levels of engagement from some of the least active children. Additionally, discussion tasks with the family take place each morning where children are encouraged to find out about an activity and create their own. Pentathlon was a great
success, with children creating their own gymnastics and football activities.

Keeping Active in school

Horton Kirby is part of a Multi-Academy Trust, and children of keyworkers have been attending one of the hub schools within the trust. Throughout the day children take part in three forms of activity: physical, craft and quiet tasks. Much like those keeping active at home, the day starts with motivational music and workouts to set the children up for the day.

Family Engagement

Parental support has been positive over this period with a high number of parents participating with their children and valuing the family time that it’s creating. Children have been challenged to design their own obstacle course with objects they have in their home to involve the whole family and develop different aspects of health-related fitness. Additionally, every Friday, children are actively encouraged to participate in ‘Golden Time’, an opportunity for whole family engagement which has seen physical choices being made from walking, cycling and running.

It doesn’t matter what the activity is, it’s about doing as much as you can in the conditions we’re in.
Mr Spackman, Head of PE

CPD Opportunities

Mr Spackman provides staff with guidance that has been received from YST, Kent Sport and AfPE. As the PE and sport lead, Mr Spackman has taken part in a number of webinars that focus on managing anxieties, effective communication and developing a progressive curriculum, all useful for when schools return. Twitter has provided plenty of engaging ideas and activities that can be adapted whilst providing a support.


The biggest achievement so far is the engagement the school has had from parents and families. Once back and safe to do so Mr Spackman hopes to continue this with the inclusion of family clubs to engage parents in a range of sport and activities.


It’s about being creative with what the students have, using the equipment and facilities they have at home whilst they have fun.