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Village Golf Club - Staplehurst

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Brief overview

Village Golf Club is a community not-for-profit business run and managed entirely by volunteers. The funding was received to help offset the running costs whilst the course was closed. This had impacted on both membership renewals and guest green fees.

Banner promoting Village Golf Club displayed on a gate outside the club.

How did you find out about the grant?

We applied for a small business grant but were ineligible as we were not registered for business rates. The council business coach very helpfully suggested several other funding routes and we decided Sport England was the one most likely to support us.

How did you decide what to apply for?

We identified the exact costs of maintaining the golf course and could evidence the difference we were receiving in income against the same period last year so could accurately identify what the impact of the course closure was having both short and longer term.

How did you find the process?

Straightforward and most importantly we received a very quick reply which helped us to plan how best to move forward in this uncertain time.

What impact will the funding have on your organisation?

The grant has enabled us to maintain the course in a state of readiness so that we could attract new members as soon as we were allowed to open. As a small not-for-profit club we run a tight budget that is focused on small but meaningful facility improvements. This grant has meant that we are able to continue to offer affordable golf and to avoid the future of the club being put into jeopardy.

What would be your top tip to help support others in seeking funding?

Be clear what your income and expenditure really is. Although the horse has now bolted perhaps to register for business rating as this would have made you eligible for a £10,000 grant.

With thanks to Village Golf Club