Activity alliance logo

Activity Alliance

We pledge our support to the Move Together Strategy. By working together to embed inclusive practice and improve people’s attitudes towards disabled people, we hope to reduce the fairness gap that disabled people face so they are just as active as non disabled people in sport and activity.

KALC logo

Kent Association of Local Councils

We are committed to empowering Town and Parish Councils to encourage more active communities. We encourage all councils to reach out to their Everyday Active Champion and collaborate with them to promote the activities and initiatives. By working together, we can make a significant impact on the health and well-being of our communities.

Youth sport trust logo

Youth Sport Trust

We are proud to support the Move Together strategy. Through our strong partnership working, we are committed to improving the lives of every child and pledge our support to our shared mission. Regardless of background, ethnicity, gender, ability or any other personal characteristic, every child should experience the life changing benefits that come from play and sport.

A better medway logo

Medway Public Health

We are delighted to pledge our support for the Move Together Strategy. Our “A Better Medway” Physical Activity programmes share the strategies ambitions to reduce inequalities and promote the benefits of movement for all, by improving access and removing barriers to physical activity opportunities for all residents

KCC Logo

Kent County Council Public Health

We're excited to pledge our support to this fantastic initiative. Our One You Kent services, which include group physical activity sessions and organised walks, will help support the Move Together strategy, expanding opportunities for all Kent and Medway residents to enjoy better health.

Kent FA logo

Kent FA

We're proud to pledge our support of the new Kent and Medway strategy, Move Together, which aims to tackle inactivity and the inequalities preventing people from participating in sport and physical activity.

Inclusive sport logo

Inclusive Sport

It is an honour to pledge our support of the new Kent and Medway strategy, Move Together as it shares our vision of ensuring all people are able to engage in physical activity regardless of their background, ability or needs.


Explore Kent

We are committed to promoting active travel, active design, connecting with nature and addressing the climate emergency. We're proud to play our part in the Move Together Strategy for Kent and Medway.

Medway Diversity Forum logo

Medway Diversity Forum

We are proud to pledge our support of the new Kent and Medway strategy, Move Together, committed to provide Black Minority ethnic communities to have fair access, opportunity, and resources, with elimination of barriers to sport and physical activity.

Gravesham Borough Council logo

Gravesham Borough Council

We are proud to support the Strategy. We will be advocates for changes that promote active lifestyles, we will achieve this by creating a community of like-minded individuals who can support and motivate each other. We will always try to answer questions and offer support whenever someone needs it.

Port of london authority logo

Port of London Authority

We pledge our commitment to Move Together and to continue to work closely with Active Kent & Medway as a key partner on the Active Thames programme. Together we will continue to make watersports more inclusive, diverse and accessible and we will promote the physical and mental benefits of being active on and alongside the water.

Active Thanet logo

Thanet District Council

Our pledge to the strategy: We're committed to provide Thanet residents with fair access, opportunity, and resources to sport and physical activity by working collaboratively to enable people to be active, stay fit and play sport.

Mid Kent Mind logo

Mid Kent Mind

We’re committed to helping people with mental health problems to understand how physical activity can be a huge positive for their mental wellbeing. We aim to convey this through all of our interventions which involve physical activity and are committed to promoting moving together for better mental health.

Sense logo

Sense (South East)

Sense Active are proud to support the Move Together Strategy, and look forward to working with Active Kent & Medway to increase provision and reduce barriers to physical activity for those with complex disabilities.

KCC Logo

Active Travel Team

We pledge to support the Move Together strategy. We will lead by example and champion each other. By promoting and encouraging all to get involved, we hope to create a culture of physical activity to promote a healthier, happier, cleaner and more sustainable Kent.

School games logo

Kent School Games Organiser (Maidstone and Mid Kent)

I pledge my support to the Move Together strategy by providing opportunities for young people to get involved in physical activity.

Tonbridge and west kent school partnership logo

Tonbridge and West Kent School Sport Partnership

We pledge to continue to grow and build positive experiences for children and young people across Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells, providing out of school events and opportunities, as well as supporting schools in-house through workshops, PE lessons and clubs.

The Daily Mile logo

The Daily Mile Foundation

We are proud to pledge our steadfast commitment. The strategy is clear in its ambition to give children a strong foundation from which they can build an active and healthy lifestyle. This vision is one that is shared by The Daily Mile Foundation and our global community, and as such we will work in partnership with everyone in Kent and Medway to support children’s health through simple and accessible physical activity, regardless of a child’s ability or personal circumstances.

Medway Sport logo

Medway Sport

We pledge our support to the Strategy. We will support all Medway residents, especially young people, to realise their potential through the provision of services, programmes and initiatives that will help Medway become more physically active and healthier. We aim to reduce inequalities and grow participation rates among key target groups including women and girls, disabled people, and those from diverse communities.

real PE logo

real PE

We are proud to pledge our support to the Kent and Medway strategy for 2023-27. real PE shares the same vision of providing inclusive PE and physical activity opportunities for children. Together, we are committed to supporting primary schools to transform PE experiences for EVERY child, teacher and family.

Sports Connect logo

Sports Connect UK Ltd

We pledge our support. We will incorporate physical activity into EVERY project and programme that we run. The health benefits will be projected to the groups and we will celebrate progressive journeys with individuals and groups.

Swale Borough Council logo

Active Travel Coordinator, Swale Borough Council

I pledge my support to the Strategy. I will encourage more people to leave their cars at home and walk, wheel or cycle their local trips.

Canterbury College logo

Canterbury College

We're proud to actively support the Move Together strategy and work closely with Active Kent & Medway. This is something we are very passionate about for our students and through our wider work with supporting local communities.

Your Leisure logo

You Leisure Kent Ltd

Through various projects we enable different communities to engage in activities close to where they live, reducing perceived barriers to having fun while being more active. We are proud and grateful to work with Active Kent & Medway to achieve these ambitions.

Cycling UK logo

Cycling UK

We are proud supporters of the Move Together Strategy and look forward to working with Active Kent & Medway to help more people start or return to cycling.

Kent Cricket logo

Kent Cricket

We will play our part in supporting the Move Together strategy by having thriving cricket clubs and schools at the heart of the community, providing a high-quality experience which is accessible to all, and having an ambition to inspire a generation to say 'Cricket is a game for me'.

United Judo logo

United Judo

What an honour to be able to pledge our support and be involved in the new Kent and Medway strategy. With the help of volunteers, we have already implemented special Inclusive sessions and also activities for the very young. We are now setting up sessions for the elder players that want to remain active for both physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Changing Minds Kent logo

Changing Minds Kent

We are excited to pledge our support. We're committed to supporting and empowering individuals, communities, and workplaces to be healthier and happier through the delivery of engaging wellbeing projects and programmes. Being active is one of the core strands of our holistic approach to wellbeing support and we will continue to highlight the benefits of physical activity on emotional wellbeing.

Boogie Tots logo

Boogie Tots

Our pledge is to provide fun, engaging Boogie Tots dance sessions in the community, schools and nurseries. Our classes improve stamina, co-ordination and listening skills, build confidence, self-esteem and enhance gross motor skills. The community classes are great for building friendships, developing social skills and keeping everyone active.

Kent Safeguarding Children MA Partnership logo

Kent Safeguarding Children Multi-Agency Partnership

We are proud to support the Move Together Strategy. We are committed to safeguarding of children in Kent and working in Partnership to keep children safe. Our goal is for everyone to be able to recognise, respond and fulfil their responsibilities to children and families.

KCC Logo

Local Authority Designated Officer (Safeguarding) Service

We are excited to pledge our support for the Move Together strategy and are fully committed to continuing our close working relationship with Active Kent & Medway to ensure the safeguarding of children and young people across Kent.

Canterbury Christchurch Uni logo

Canterbury Christ Church University

We are pleased to support Active Kent and Medway and the Move Together strategy. We recognise the positive impact that sport and physical activity can have on a person’s wellbeing and aim to ensure that our students, staff and local community benefit from the work we do.

City Way Health logo

City Way Health

We pledge our support to continue to provide Pilates classes and online information and support via NHS referral - helping those with chronic pain and long term health conditions to manage these through exercise prescription.

British Orienteering logo

British Orienteering

We pledge to support clubs, schools and communities to provide free, accessible orienteering opportunities to all throughout Kent. The sport teaches lifelong skills and offers opportunities to compete, keep active and explore green spaces whatever your age.

moving with markie logo

Moving with Markie

I pledge my support to the strategy. I'm a folkestone-based fitness instructor with wide reach to local communities. I lead wellbeing walks, volunteer as a sport ambassador and deliver sport sessions for refugees. I'm passionate about working with 50+ age group and people with health conditions.

Boing Kids logo


We aim to support practitioners, coaches, teachers, community workers and anyone interested in facilitating the joy of movement. We pledge to put the needs of individuals at the centre to foster supportive, positive and empowering relationships with physical activity, through the power of Play!

Disability Assist Logo

Disability Assist

We are delighted to support the Move Together Strategy. People with physical disabilities often face more barriers to participating in sport and activities. Disability Assist is committed to supporting anyone with a long-term health condition to get active to improve their overall wellbeing and will continue to share suitable opportunities with our clients.

NBE Fitness logo

NBE Fitness

We're proud to support the Strategy. We will work with local women's groups to run adaptive wellness sessions to highlight easy ways to keep active through all stages of life.

Everyday active logo

Everyday Active Champion (Sheppey)

I pledge my support to the strategy by supporting local people regardless of ability or health conditions to have access to regular activities that will empower them to improve their own mental and physical health in a positive way.

Angling Trust logo

Angling Trust

We pledge are support to the strategy. Angling Trust promotes Angling around blue spaces to improve people's health and wellbeing. We are the national governing body of Angling and train, support and encourage clubs, coaches and organisations to use Angling as a way to get people outside, enjoying nature and getting active.

West Kent Sport & Wellbeing logo

West Kent Sport & Wellbeing

We will publish news and stories about community sports clubs and groups in West Kent in our free monthly magazine, which will encourage others to take part in sport and to be active. We will highlight community experiences so that others have first-hand accounts to make an informed decision.

Table Tennis England logo

Table Tennis England

We are extremely proud to pledge our support of the new Kent and Medway strategy, Move Together, as it aligns strongly with our Table Tennis United strategy that sets out to ensure table tennis will be a thriving community – a sport for everyone with no barriers to taking part. We will work with partners and clubs to re-imagine their environment, and their offer, to ensure they are appealing to a wider and more diverse audience.

A better medway logo

Walk in the Park Programme

I pledge to support the strategy with our Walk in the Park programme. Supporting the five ways of wellbeing, the volunteer led programme is fully inclusive and a first step for many who are not quite ready for our Health Walks. The programme helps to improve the physical, mental and social wellbeing of both volunteers and participants.

TeamTheme Kent logo

Teamtheme Kent

We fully pledge our support as a sports education and youth development organisation that is passionate about encouraging, supporting and increasing children’s participation in physical activity. We deliver safe, structured and fun learning environments in which children can move with confidence, learn applicable skills and enjoy the physical, emotional and social benefits that physical and outdoor activity can offer.

Golf Foundation logo

The Golf Foundation

We help young people to ‘Start and Stay’ in golf by making their introduction to the game fun, innovative, inspiring, inclusive and enriching. We take simplified versions of the game to schools and community groups, enable youngsters to keep playing and enjoying the game for years to come. Golf can change lives for the better; helping children to develop valuable personal skills such as confidence, resilience and emotional wellbeing – qualities that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Jimmy's Tennis logo

Jimmys Tennis

We support the strategy by providing variations of the sport of tennis including Touch tennis, Tennis football, Pickleball, Table tennis, Walking tennis and Tennis to Music, for those who can't afford sport in various locations across Medway.

Future Survival logo

Future Survival

I pledge my support to the strategy. I will encourage those that don't take part in typical sports to move in a alternative way. Such as through laser tag and airsoft. Targeting those that would usually sit and play computer games.

Streetgames logo

Street Games

We will support a network of locally trusted organisations to utilise the power of DOORSTEP SPORT to help young people living in underserved communities to be active, healthier, safer and more successful. This includes ensuring there are volunteering and leadership opportunities for young people and persuading mainstream sports providers to shift their offer so they are more welcoming and suitable for ALL young people.

Folkestone School Games logo

Kent School Games Organiser (Folkestone)

I will find and target demographics of school aged children to break down barriers to being physically active, this will include young carers, girls, less active children and children with SEND. I will also use school sport and physical activity to support children in whole school priorities such as supporting transition to secondary school.

Thanet District Council logo

Thanet District Council

As Coastal Wellbeing Coordinator I pledge my support to the strategy. Working on Margate Town, I’m trying to simplify the council systems to make it easier for facilitators and activity providers to use green and blue space as well as putting on quality, sustainable activities in Cliftonville.

Cast A Thought logo

Cast A Thought

We will provide equipment, bait and licences for children, young people and adults to get into fishing. Fishing is a totally inclusive sport which supports mental health and wellbeing. Our sessions also provide those at risk of social isolation with a safe space in which to not only learn new skills but an opportunity to make positive relationships.

Kent Squash logo

Kent Squash & Racketball

We pledge our support to the strategy and will promote opportunities to participate in squash and racketball at clubs throughout Kent including the benefits in terms of physical and mental wellbeing gained from getting active.

Mencap logo


We support the Kent and Medway strategy and will share relevant activities, assets, knowledge and new ideas to inspire others to be active. We will continue to create events for people to have fun and be active around Dartford, Gravesham, Swanley and other areas in Kent.

Whitsable Lawn Tennis Club logo

Whitstable Lawn Tennis Club

We support the Move Together strategy and will continue delivering inclusive tennis to people with learning disabilities and people with dementia.

Tankerton FC logo

Tankerton FC

We are proud to support the Kent and Medway strategy. We will continue delivering pan disability football to children and adults.

Freedom Leisure logo

Freedom Leisure

We're extremely proud to pledge our support to the Move Together Strategy, and work closely with Active Kent & Medway. We'll do this by delivering community based activities and initiatives, that'll help provide opportunities, to help residents of Kent to become more active. We really understand that the journey to becoming more active, is not just a physical challenge, but also a mental challenge. Our aim is to tackle the inactivity in participation and removing those barriers to taking part, from a joint health and wellbeing approach.

Swale Borough Council logo

Swale Borough Council

We are committed to working alongside Active Kent & Medway to deliver accessible facilities and activities to Swale's residents. Connecting communities, Health and Well-being, Positive Experiences for children young people and Active Environments are strands that run through many of our key strategies, policies and plans. We will ensure the facilities we provide work towards the above strands. We will continue to use the local plan to encourage public spaces that inspire people to be active and we will work in partnership with key agencies in the various sectors.

Ashford Borough Council

We are committed to getting more of our residents active by: creating a vibrant mix of exciting sporting and recreational facilities and spaces; delivering a diverse and creative approach that target the inactive to address the local health and wellbeing priorities; enhance our facilities, spaces and programmes; and implement a community-based approach that helps local areas embrace the benefits of regular sporting and active recreation.

Dover district council logo

Dover District Council

We pledge our support to work with local partners, NGB's, sports and community clubs to promote physical activity and wellbeing to our residents. We will promote our Inspire Programme to young people living in our district that have a lack of opportunity or challenging circumstances. Inspire will enable these young people to partake in sessions that will involve them becoming more active.

Ebbsfleet Corporation logo

Ebbsfleet Development Corporation

We are committed to working with partners and the community to create a connected place that enjoys moving more and living healthy for longer. Our vision is to deliver an inclusive place for healthy living and working, with easy access to innovative, sustainable facilities with ample green and blue spaces to enjoy. We pledge our support to Active Kent and Medway’s ‘Move Together’ Strategy as part of our commitment to Ebbsfleet regeneration.

Sports Trust logo

The Sports Trust

The Sports Trust pledges to play its part in getting more people, more active, more often. We will work with schools, sports clubs, facilities and community groups to create inclusive and inspiring spaces for people of all ages to develop a life-long love for being active.

sported logo


Support organisations in Kent delivering sport and physical activity for social good to work towards sustainability so they can continue to do what they do and increase the number of people getting active within the county.

man v FAT football logo

MAN v FAT Football

We are proud to pledge our support to the strategy. MAN v FAT Football provides a platform for men to lose weight and improve their overall well-being through our weekly small sided football intervention.

Challenge troop logo

Challenge Troop CIC

We will commit to delivering the Kent Challenger Games, the Service Children’s outdoor team challenge. We also commit to promoting physical activities and healthy lifestyle in the schools we work with. We also commit to putting sporting, outdoor adventurous activities at the heart of our programmes and outreaching to vulnerable children through our HAF and VS Provision.

Maidstone warriors logo

Maidstone Warriors

We pledge our support to the strategy. We recently launched a women's team at Maidstone Warriors Basketball Club to support women into basketball and break down barriers to participation. We are looking to increase participation for more women to take part and build a sense of community for everyone involved.

Medway Voluntary Action

MVA supports the voluntary sector across Medway and Kent. We actively promote events and activities that get people moving. We have a social prescribing platform called Joy which contains a large number of groups who encourage active lifestyles. Our Befriending Programme ran Walk and Talk groups post-Covid restrictions and we've gone on to develop a seated exercise programme in response to our member's wishes.

School games logo

School Games Organiser (Dartford)

As the School Games Organiser for Dartford Schools and currently supporting Gravesham Schools my focus is on creating meaningful and positive experiences in sport and physical activity. Through offering a fully inclusive programme of events and directly supporting schools I hope to ignite children and young people's interest in forming positive relationship with being active that will stay with them into adulthood.

Children inspired by yoga logo

Children Inspired by Yoga

We are proud to support the Move Together Strategy by providing our unique, multi-sensory children's yoga sessions within educational settings. Our sessions promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing within children and young people. We strive to provide children with skills that will support them in learning and life.

moving memory dance logo

Moving Memory Dance Theatre Company

We will inspire and support older people, bringing them together in 'under-resourced' places and spaces to get them moving. We will reach marginalised and isolated communities running sessions in public spaces such as libraries and shopping centres. Our inclusive creative approach hits all five ways to well being. We commit to challenging ageism.

sunflower house charity logo

Sunflower House

We pledge our support to the strategy. Our aim is to offer new, inclusive, affordable programmes, including physical activity opportunities to help support the health and wellbeing of everyone in Folkestone.

Little Miss fitness logo

Little Miss Fitness

LittleMissFitness proudly supports the Move Together Strategy by providing a female-only environment that empowers women to embrace fitness. Ensuring inclusive, tailored programs that meet diverse needs, fostering a community that prioritises health and well-being. Inspiring women of all backgrounds to incorporate fitness into their daily lives.

Music4Wellbeing logo


We are dedicated to helping older people live better for longer. We work with people who have compromised wellbeing due to either degenerative health conditions, disability, mental ill-health, loneliness, bereavement, family caring. We offer regular engagement in group music and other activities aiming to maintain/improve physical and cognitive functioning and mental and social wellbeing. To address financial inequality, our services are free or very low cost to all participants.

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