The following sketch notes were produced from our learning event which took place in October 2021 with organisations who work with culturally diverse communities.


Key Findings:

  • The projects and activities resulted in improved social health, physical activity, friendships and confidence to move more
  • Participants learnt new skills and made new connections
  • Participants reported a reduction in loneliness, isolation and anxiety
  • Other spin off benefits included more family involvement in dog walks and photgraphy walks
  • When promoting sessions, no one size fits all. Use ‘come and try’ sessions; provide a menu of options or choices; offer to livestream sessions; use flyers and word of mouth
  • Train the trainers, when using new technology like Zoom
  • Provide an opportunity to talk or get feedback from surveys
  • Offer support and source equipment
  • Work with participants where you find them
  • Train people in the group to carry on leading the activity or session
  • Work around availability of volunteers

“Give people power, give them a voice”

Photograph of Karely Hubbard

Karley Hubbard

Insight, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer