The following sketch notes were produced from our sharing & learning event which took place in November 2021 with organisations who work with community groups that have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic:

Sketch note from sharing event

What can be done together to sustain and grow physical activity opportunities?

  • Break down barriers between participants, and between coaches and volunteers
  • Avoid duplication of activities in one location
  • Network, connect and share with other groups, activities and organisations to hear about ideas, experiences and venues
  • Continue to offer virtual sessions alongside face to face sessions
  • Use noticeboards, posters and word of mouth to promote the activities
  • Support volunteers with training and any necessary paperwork
  • Go to the participants and offer local activity in the local area
  • Improve access to local facilities
Photograph of Karely Hubbard

Karley Hubbard

Insight, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer