A revolution is underway in Kent & Medway to enable people to live longer better, reduce the need for health and social care and reverse the effects of lockdown through the Live Longer Better Network.

The Live Longer Better Network has three aims:

To increase activity (physical, cognitive and emotional) which will:

  • Help people feel and function better
  • Prevent or delay the onset of dementia, disability and frailty
  • Focus on the three Rs: Regain what they lost during lockdown, Recover the strength stamina and suppleness they have lost in the last decade, and Recondition the body that disease and inappropriate inactivity has deconditioned

To increase healthy life expectancy and compress the period of dependency.

To reduce the need for health and social care because a person with greater strength, stamina, skill and suppleness has greater resilience and is less likely to need acute care.

Whether you’re a strategic lead or a front line worker providing services for older people in Kent & Medway, you’re invited to join the Live Longer Better Network to keep up to date with the Live Longer Better Revolution.

Follow this link to join the Live Longer Better Network

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Elise Rendall

Physical Activity Manager

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