Parkinson's UK logoBeing active can help manage Parkinson’s symptoms, and has a positive impact both physically and mentally. If you’re supporting someone with parkinson’s, there is lots of useful information on how to become more active.

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Being Active with Parkinson’s guide

Parkinson’s UK have produced a Being Active with Parkinson’s guide which offers advice and helpful tips about getting started and how you can stay active. Click the button below to order a physical copy or to download a digital version instead.

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Parkinson’s and Exercise

man stood in garden next to boxing bagFrom chair-based aerobics to balance exercises, Parkinson’s UK have brought together a range of video workouts to do from the comfort of home:

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If you or someone you’re supporting, would rather venture out and attend a Parkinson’s group exercise class, you’ll find a wide range of exercise classes across Kent. Some of these activities are run by Parkinson’s UK, others are run by external organisations and people with Parkinson’s have recommended them to Parkinson’s UK.

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Parkinson’s Care & Support UK also have a variety of online exercise classes with multiple ways in which you can get involved.

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