Is PE more likely to be selected for a deep dive with Ofsted because of the PE and sport premium funding?

No. The curriculum is the focus. The first day will be looking at the way the curriculum is laid out and how it links to the whole school intentions. There is no specific ‘line’ in the framework so it does not have to be reported on. It may appear in part of a wider discussion around leadership and management but not as a specific focus in itself. The decision for deep dive subjects chosen comes from the 90 minute conversation between lead inspector and HT the day before the inspection.

Would you expect to see formative assessment in PE?

Yes, teachers should do this on a daily basis to inform their teaching. It should be assessment to inform the next stage of learning (basically good teaching) which is very different to recording. There is no need to record progress in every lesson and an inspector would not want to see this, nor would they look at any internal data produced. Think ‘mastery’ learning rather than collecting data continuously.

What should PE look like in Yr R, especially when they have a child initiated curriculum?

It can ‘look like’ whatever you want. As long as the national curriculum and EFYS goals are used in planning (for the relevant stage) there is no set format. For example, younger children do not need to have what looks like ‘formal PE’ until you think they are ready for it. Free play would perfectly suit.

Photograph of Karely Hubbard

Karley Hubbard

Insight, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

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