How do you get through the wall without quitting?

For me it was about focusing on why I was doing what I was doing. Pulling on many different motivating factors meant that I could harness different aspects of why I needed to run each day. This was like focusing on the types of food I was eating, the people I was running with, the achievement of some of those people I was running with, the location I was running in and of course the causes I was running on behalf of. Mentally, doing all this was key to pushing through the wall. All this said, the wall for me didn’t really appear at any point throughout The 401 Challenge.

What do you eat?

Anything and everything, that simple!

What was the hardest marathon you ran?

I wouldn’t say there was a hardest marathon, each were challenging in their own right. If I were to hazard a guess, maybe the one in Aberdeen where I found that I couldn’t run anymore and needed to take some time out.

Why 401 marathons?

The most run in the world prior to me that we could verify was 365, so we rounded it up and added a victory lap at the end.

Photograph of Karely Hubbard

Karley Hubbard

Insight, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

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