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Every four years, the Olympic and Paralympic Games come around, and the nation is inspired by the heroics of Team GB. The only trouble is, all that time we spend watching sport on TV, we’re missing the chance to get active ourselves!

This year is different. Kent Sport have created a series of exercises and challenges that you can do at home, while you watch our athletes competing for glory. Each activity is designed to reflect a specific Olympic or Paralympic sport that one of Kent and Medway’s athletes is competing in at The Games. All of the activities are easy to have a go at, and hopefully they’ll inspire us all to be a bit more active during Rio 2016!

Take a look at the activities below, or click here to view the full set of #KentMoves2Rio graphics, featuring the heroes from Kent and Medway who will be competing in Rio this summer.

#KentMoves2Rio_Adam Gemili_Athletics_Activity snippet #KentMoves2Rio_Jack Green_Athletics_activity snippet #KentMoves2Rio_Tom Ransley_Rowing_activity snippet #KentMoves2Rio_Kat Driscoll_Trampolining_activity snippet #KentMoves2Rio_Sophie Ainsworth_Sailing_activity snippet #KentMoves2Rio_Tom Bosworth_Walk_activity snippet

#KentMoves2Rio_Claire Harvey_Athletics_v1_activity snippet #KentMoves2Rio_Ashley Jackson_Hockey_v2_activity snippet #KentMoves2Rio_Will Bayley_Table Tennis_v1_activity snippet #KentMoves2Rio_Tania Nadarajah_archery_v1_activity snippet #KentMoves2Rio_Susannah Townsend_Hockey_v1_activity snippet #KentMoves2Rio_Ross Wilson_Table Tennis_v1_activity snippet #KentMoves2Rio_Kate French_Pentathlon_v1_activity snippet