NHS Fitness advice for wheelchair users

As a wheelchair user, getting active will bring you important health benefits and can help you manage daily life, too. The NHS website has helpful advice on what activities to do and how to get started:

Follow this link to visit the NHS website

Activity Alliance

Activity Alliance is the new name for the English Federation of Disability Sport. They are a charity, established in 1998, which aims to work with partners and organisations to support disabled people to be more active. Their website has resources to help you get started with being active, including a PDF guide which they have produced with Disability Rights UK.

Follow this link to visit the Activity Alliance website

Follow this link to the Being Active Guide (Download PDF)

BBC Get Inspired

Get Inspired is the BBC’s campaign to help you find and get involved in the right sport for you. Their website provides stories and easy-to-follow activity guides, with hints and tips and practical advice.

Follow this link to visit the BBC website

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Bianca Logronio

Safeguarding and Inclusion Officer