What’s it all about?

Rugby is a contact sport played by two teams of thirteen players (rugby league) or fifteen players (rugby union) on a rectangular field. While there are many similarities between League and Rugby Union, the former has its own distinct rules, competitions, and following. The RFU is committed to making schools Rugby a starting point in a child’s life journey, creating more opportunities, for more young people, in more places, more often.

What is the specific offer to Primary Schools?

Tag Rugby

Tag Rugby is a fast, fun and safe way of providing Rugby Union for all, regardless of gender, age or ability. Tag is non-contact; players wear a belt with Velcro ribbons on which the opponent simply needs to remove to make a tackle. This encourages running, passing, catching, evasion and co-ordination skills

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Tag Rugby School Games Challenge card (pdf)

Tag Rugby School Games Competition card (pdf)

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